Simple Keroppi Rice Ball

These days I have been thinking of many ideas to "cutetify" my daughter's food, because she likes to see cute stuff!

The other day I made some pandan rice, and thought that I could make some Keroppi rice ball. It's quite easy to make!

Cinnamon Wholemeal Bread Buns

So excited to receive the stencils from our Tao Bao package recently :p

The stencil idea is frm Victoria Bakes. However mine appeared quite messy because the buns are a little too small for the stencil size and I had problem positioning it well and dusting with cocoa powder. I wonder if using cocoa powder + egg yolk + thin brush is a better idea hehe.

These buns are soft wholemeal buns, with a slight cinnamon scent, which I really like! Best of all it's an easy and straightforward dough method.

Mooncakes from Dignity Kitchen

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon! :)

If you are looking to buy some mooncakes, why not consider these from Dignity Kitchen?

Gudetama Bread Buns

I have been wanting to make these Gudetama bread buns for a while!

This fluffy white bread recipe is not new in my "collection" of recipes, just that I always failed in these character tear apart bread, so I didn't manage to share earlier (lol)! It's an egg-free recipe, so it's good if your child is allergic towards eggs.

Baymax Snowskin Mooncakes

Yesterday I stumbled upon a snowskin recipe, and I thought of just trying it out to see if it's nicer. This recipe uses oil, so I think it's definitely "healthier"!

Traditional Baked Mooncakes

Do you like to make these traditional baked mooncakes?
For me, I started off making snowskin mooncakes first, because it's easier - and it's true! I find that wrapping the dough for baked mooncakes to be slightly more difficult than snowskin ones, but can also be overcome easily with practice :)

Swirl Patterned Snowskin Mooncakes (Blueberry / Chendol)

Like I've mentioned here, I love mooncakes! Both eating and making them haha!

My husband shares the same "love" as me, so he's always happy to eat mooncakes that I make - especially it saves him money :p

A few days back, I made some blueberry snowskin mooncakes and gula melaka chendol snowskin mooncakes. I love fruity snowskin mooncakes!